Professional Wallpaper Installation Services London

Enhance Your Decor: Skilled Installers at Your Service

Step into the world where your design dreams are realised, elegance meets unmatched perfection, and knowledge drives innovation. Our Professional Wallpaper Installation Services London may elevate your house decor. Our skilled installers pay attention to every detail. We understand that wallpaper installation requires thorough surface preparation. It underpins our process and ensures a top-notch output. Quality materials, honed skills, and passion for our art make your atmosphere unique. Tauras Construction proudly serves all wallpaper needs. Our services include wallpaper removal, preparation, and installation. Our diversified team can work with any wallpaper, ensuring your style and preferences are honoured. Our skilled wallpaper installers will enhance your decor. Our team offers elegance, competence, and innovation. Call now to find your dream home.

Tauras Construction Proud Member of Federation of Master Builders (FMB)

As FMB Master Builders we are committed to high standards, which is why we are proud to be part of the UK’s largest construction industry trade association.

Why choose Tauras Construction – FMB Master Builder?

– Professionally vetted to meet strict qualifying criteria – have a minimum of 12 months trading history, public and employers liability insurance, and pass credit and director checks.
– Independently inspected to ensure we meet the high standards expected of a Master Builder company
– We can offer a warranty and contract for every project to provide greater protection.
– Committed to abide by FMB Code of Practice

Contact us today to discuss your property refurbishment or interior painting decorating project and experience the Tauras Construction difference for yourself.

Detail-Oriented Wallpaper Installation

How long it takes depends on the room size, the wallpaper, and the walls’ quality. Tauras Construction, on the other hand, is both efficient and smart. We promise that our London wallpaper installation service will be done with great care and attention to every detail. Most projects are finished in one or two days, so your daily life will stay the same.

Wallpaper Over Paint? Here’s How!

The crew at Tauras Construction knows how to look at and prepare your walls so that you get the best results. Whether your walls are painted or have been wallpapered before, we take the proper steps, like cleaning, smoothing out any bumps, and using the suitable primer to ensure the new wallpaper sticks perfectly and lasts for years.

Luxury Textures for Living Spaces

We can assist you in selecting wallpaper that complements the room’s design and functions well since we have a wealth of knowledge about it. We can assist you in selecting vinyl wallpapers, which are excellent for bathrooms and kitchens due to their resistance to water damage, or fabric-based, which are lovely for living rooms and bedrooms.

Personalised Consultation for Your Space

Tauras Construction believes in taking a personalised method. As part of our advising process, we get to know your style and design goals, look at your space, and suggest pictures that will work with them. Because this service is tailored to you, you can be sure that each place fits your style and serves its purpose well.

Beyond Installation - Complete Wall Solutions

With Tauras Construction, the answer is absolutely yes. As part of our wallpaper installation services, we remove old wallpaper, prepare the walls, and then install new wallpaper. We make the change from old to new go smoothly by paying close attention to every detail.

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